Thursday, October 18, 2012

Haddonfield TN

For years it's been a desire to celebrate Halloween in a more "Halloween" type environment with spooky, mature, street-side trees and decorated front yards etc. Walking around the front yard and sidewalk area the dream is realized! It apparently takes 10 years to go from "new" home with scrawny, fresh planted trees to tall, dense thicket, uneven sidewalks and all the great spooky views that come at dusk and dark but we finally have achieved the full Halloween street-side spread. Though the real Haddonfield is somewhere near Pasadena, the one in my my mind is always Illinois and now right here in Tennessee. Come October it's nice to be able to soak up the real thing. 10 years of patience pays off

The Original "Haddonfield"..

Haddonfield aka Spooky Franklin, notice the perfectly caught street lamp glare

Our house through front yard trees. 

Someone may be creeping behind that bush

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