Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Top Ten Vampire Films #1

Black Sabbath/The Wurdelak
Yes I am a sucker for Bava, but I simply don't think there is another vampire film as great as The Wurdelak. 30 years after Lugosi embodied the screen vampire, an older, grayer Boris Karloff perfected it. In the only vampire role of his career, Boris effectively scares the pants off the entire audience as the Russian father returning home after a long absence as vampire (Wurdelak). Boris occasionally took the role of the hardcore evil antagonist and with this film he perfected it.
The story holds throughout. The 'look' of the film is probably the very best Bava ever achieved and the scares are aplenty. There are several extremely unique and chilling moments in this trilogy segment - and to think, this is only the second scariest segment of Black Sabbath, but we'll discuss A Drop of Water some other time!

Dr. Gangrene's #1?

Tell them Boris sent you..

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