Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Top Ten Vampire Films - #9

Dracula (1931) / Nosferatu (1922)
Both ranked probably lower than others would have - especially combined, but while I concede the greatness of both Lugosi and Schreck and the unrivaled frightening imagery of Nosferatu both films are just a little to early and both lack the score necessarily to move the story along without dragging, dry stretches. Supplemental scores never worked. The forefather stature of both keeps them on my list at 9.
Honorable Mention: Shadow of The Vampire (2000)

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Count Dracula: My fingers can do THIS!

Count Orlock: Who cares what your fingers can do when you
can stand up without bending your knees.


  1. Wow - first, combining these two into one post is an odd choice - granted, they're both based onthe same source material, but then so are a few hundred other films. Second, way higher than I'd rank em. Interested to see what you consider better than these...

  2. I suspect our will get more similar as the days go on..