Friday, November 2, 2012

HALLOWEEN - October 31, 2012

"You can get back in there and get back on that telephone and tell them exactly who walked out of here last night and tell them exactly where he's going." - Loomis

Halloween 2012 could very well have been a dreary, over-windy, soak-athon due to Frankenstorm but just at the right time the winds died and the candles were lit. A perfect evening of flickering jack-o-lanterns, green and orange mists, crunching leaves and bewildered kids, surprised at what vision they would find as they climbed the hill and broke through the trees to see Spooky's Haunted Yard.
The only difficulty was choosing the coolest photos.. For every one here, there are half a dozen unposted..
Enjoy Halloween Oct 31 2012 - Franklin, TN

How many ghouls can you find in the fog? This photo is completely unedited.
The Green Ghoul returns!

Look closely at the fog - ghouls in the mist!

It doesn't hurt to have a cool, gothic door with a gated peep.

Even Spooky was getting in on the fun..

The Bat Cage

Bava would be proud..

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