Friday, November 2, 2012

SAMHAIN - November 1st 2012

"It was the start of the year in our old Celtic lands, and we'd be waiting... in our houses of wattles and clay. The barriers would be down, you see, between the real and the unreal, and the dead might be looking in... to sit by our fires of turf." -  Cochrane

The second night some placements were changed and some lighting swapped out - for a more orange overall look. The 6" blanket of red and yellow leaves did not survive the first night's crunching so they were cleaned out for Samhain..

He watches over...

About an hour before the darkness



cold red heat


  1. Oh my, your jacko's are gorgeous! Beautiful shots!!!

  2. Thank you Countess! I am always inspired by the haunters that came before me.