Thursday, October 24, 2013

Don't Screw With Halloween!

Came across this article today via MSNonline:
Why I Hate Halloween

Which of course reminded me of the blowhards I encounter who not only choose not to participate in Halloween (which is fine by me - but don't expect me to stop any kid from flinging TP in your trees or tossing eggs on your roof) but have to make it known "publicly" that they don't want anything to do with Halloween or kids ringing doorbells. This has happened face to face with neighbors who obviously don't understand me or our yard haunt - and just recently encountered a person who was specifically moving to "un-scary" their neighborhood for Halloween night, decreeing by way of mailbox notice that neighbors were not to put up items that were too scary.. F to the U.

What gives? Did some bully snatch your candy bag when you were a kid?
You probably hate dogs too.. Even bulldogs!

Well guess what, if you hate Halloween - that's just fine. It's a free land and you can dislike whatever you wanna dislike. Just don't bother taking time to put to paper reasons why you feel you have to shit all over stuff that other people cherish and expect me not to fly the finger your your direction.

PS. Halloween is on Oct 31st every single year, folks.
Not Nov. 1st or Oct 29th or whatever night 'seems' better. Argh!
Don't screw with Halloween!

PPS.. Schools that send kids home with "Why Halloween is bad" flyers can suck it as well.
Don't screw with Halloween!!

PPPS... Neighbors that put notes in neighborhood mailboxes directing people that they not to put out items that are "too scary", well, there's a special place for you and your lame sweater vest in my crawlspace.
Don't screw with Halloween!!!

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  1. Assholes and bullies have taken up residence in our neighborhoods, churches, and anywhere else out from under the fetid rocks surrounding us it seems. They want to be spoiled-sports? Go ahead then - just don't ruin things for the rest of us. Take your sorry, closed-minded views of what you think life should be (*your* pitiful life, not MINE) and return to underside of said fetid rock from whence you came.
    Thanks, Jeano, for keeping our cherished holidays and memories SPOOKY! <3