Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Jiggler

My first AHI Frankenstein jiggler was purchased at JM Fields in North Palm Beach around 1977. I collected all of the Super Monsters and loved them dearly. They all had names - Frankie, Wolfy, Kongy etc and were always with me at school or at home.

Over the years they were destroyed or stolen or simply lost, but when Ebay came around the first item I sought was the Frankie Jiggler. I have managed to secure 6 of them since that time at a reasonable price but now they are being listed at a preposterous $200-$300 regular rate.
A great toy but there's no way I'm shelling out that kinda dough.

I have recently recreated 'Frankie' as a solid flat-back Super Magnet piece to be sold in the Evil Pumpkins store..
It was a total jazz to get to paint these up. I had long pondered the 'Hong Kong assembly line" imagining some 12 year old having to hand paint 40
Frankies per hour, 23 hours a day or suffer some torturous reprimand but getting paid with one Frankie at the end of the month.

Guarding the brewskis!

Evil Pumpkins Jiggler Super Magnet (left) and a real AHI Jiggler

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