Monday, October 14, 2013

The Process of Making a Skull

I am often asked about the process and what goes into making one of our creations.
What follows is the entire process of creating a resin-cast item by Evil Pumpkins.

"BIG SKULL" is hand-sculpted using a soft polymer clay
which is hardened in an oven at 270 degrees
Once cooled and hardened the object is placed inside a made-to-fit corrugated
plastic box - made to fit as close as possible without touching a side.
A two-part liquid silicone is measured and mixed in a cup.
The mixed silicone is carefully poured in a manner as to avoid air
or not to disturb the placement of the item.
The silicone hardens over several hours.
Once hardened, the object is removed and filed away (if it's not too
busted up during the process).
A two-part liquid plastic is mixed and poured into the cavity.
Within a hour hour the item is fully hardened and cooled (the chemicals
get quite hot when mixed).
A process of layer painting using acrylics creates a colorful depth.
The final piece - after attaching heavy duty magnets...

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