Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Witches of Old Franklin TN

I found this epic old pic of old Franklin TN with the infamous Coven of Dozier. They are rumored to still haunt the old Dozier House (now being renovated) and surrounding grounds.

These old gals were up to some serious witchery and were said to have frozen several dozen yankee soldiers with a mere stare, allowing Confederate soldiers to do them in during The Battle of Franklin.

After the war a group of freed slaves confronted the witches and put an end to the evil once and for all. 

They say there is a secret cemetery where the coven is buried, each facing downward so they cannot look to the night sky and conjur a way out of their graves. As no one knows where the cemetery is maybe they have already escaped!

The Dozier Coven

The fires are set and burn into the night, the fear is strangling the mobs, their eyes filled with fright. 

They call it justice when they take her to the stand, another trial of absurdity, dishonesty, and demand. 

What were her crimes when she did something odd, is she really a sinner, a witch, and a betrayer of God?

I think that she is a victim of an age old hate, perhaps another casualty of the world of fate. 

“If you are a witch, you’ll survive all these tests, if you die in the process then you are innocent, and we wish your soul rests.”

 So the proclamation is set, she’ll die either way… where’s the fairness in that, just who is the evil one today? 

 I would like to come to her defense, stand there by her side, she is quite lovely, maybe I’d make her my bride. 

 But I cannot move for I’m merely an observer, unable to take a stand or make a move that will serve her.

 I know that there is more than hatred at play, she indeed might be special but a witch, no way. 

 In all humans are traces of an age old power, but for some reason it is in women that the ability will flower. 

 Perhaps that is the reason that the trials began, and in the town of Salem, forced the betrayal of man.  

Finally there are murmurs, the hatred from people’s eyes have fled, she didn’t survive the trials and another innocent is dead. 
- Morgan Carlson 

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