Sunday, November 3, 2013


Spooky Franklin 2013 is in the books. That wretched storm front made us move the haunt to Nov 1st. but it was well worth the wait. We had a small get together with some friends including Dead Dick Hammer, Dead Doreen Laveau, Horror host Dr. Gangrene, several Creeping Cruds and our pal Bobby P. We set up an acoustic guitar circle and stumbled through a dozen or so Halloween-ish Cruds tunes..

This year's haunt included Giant Frankenstein, who was put together over the summer, Chang, Eng, a quad of special handmade Pumpkinrot type sentinels, the evil coffin and an all new witch scene. Spooky overlooked the street from the second story as always.

We had many kids and groups of adults stop by - all seemed to really enjoy the haunt - and cars crept by slowly all night.

This was our first crack at Halloween with my new camera and I think our results have improved significantly from prior seasons. Please spend some time digging through the pics and let me know if ya have any comments!

Happy haunting!

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  1. Love. Love. Love. Love. ***LOVE*** it. You outdid yourselves (again).