Saturday, November 8, 2014

Messing with Lighting

Still had the lighting and extension cords out from Halloween.. Perfect time to run some lighting tests at the local graveyard. With ongoing temps of around 50 degrees you couldn't ask for a better way to make use of the early dark - which is happening around 4:30 these days with the recent time change.
Working out some kinks with these shots - but they do show promise for something cool in the future..


  1. Wow Spooky Franklin - what do you tell the locals when they catch you skulking around the graveyard with lights? How did you manage to plug them in?

  2. I have a power adapter for the lighter in my truck. I keep a milk crate with extension cords and some light pans and other camera stuff in the back - just in case I find something cool..
    Nobody has approached me at local graveyards to date. I see all kind of stuff happening there though. People do stone rubbings etc. Loads of music group photography (Nashville is nearby) etc. Saw some girl getting photo'd in a bikini in the middle of Jan one year. Weird stuff.
    There are some hilltop slave graveyards (or primitives as they call them here) that I want to shoot at night soon...