Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Pumpkin Graveyard - Day 15

A day after making the trip out to photograph the pumpkins and realizing the camera had no storage card I returned with the necessary equipment. Of course today was miserably wet (yesterday was about perfect) but I think it adds some personality to the shots. A few pumpkins couldn't stay intact after thawing from a freeze while others seem to hang on. It will probably be two weeks before I can visit again.

I think this is the final time see see any before they melt into orange and brown globs….


  1. I am amazed at how many of them seem intact. I would have expected them all to be rotten by now.

    1. I think the hard freeze bought us a few days..
      Just slightly less mushy than past years..
      It'll be another 10 days before I can get out there again.
      It should be pretty much goop city by then..