Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Maskfest 2015 Carnage

Maskfest 2015 has come and gone.. Rubbery monster headgear galore (though solid masks are coming back in a big way!).
Evil Pumpkins was well represented and had a great time hustling pumpkins, candles and other horrifying stuff. Here is this year's selected photo gallery. Enjoy!

Uncanny Valley - leading the charge in vintage-style vacuform masks painted with light.
Their work is quite amazing!

Kosart definitely keeping Lovecraft alive!

Pumpkin Pulp - Rotting flesh glory!

Maskfest - it's for kids as well!

Devil's Workshop "Curse of The Demon"

My vote for favorite rubber masks goes to Devil's Workshop. That Shock Monster with the green teeth. Perfection!
I believe this is the person that runs the fantastic Blood Curdling Blog of Monster Masks.

Wish I had taken a better photo of this booth.. Great mask work..

Mabry - a simple booth but excellent work as always!

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