Sunday, November 1, 2015


For the fourth year in a row the weather gods spared us at the last minute. A massive system that tailed from Canada all the way to the gulf split just in time to spare Tennessee.
This year we added a lot of new colors and spread everything out to cover the entire frontage. This year's additions were a pair of corn sentinels that by accident kinda look like those creepy scarecrows from Beneath the Planet of The Apes. One photo has a foggy surprise if you can spot it.

A few photos here - but the whole lot is posted on my Flickr page:


  1. Wow - love the bones in the Ivy - great effect!

    1. Thanks! Not sure what kind of ivy it even is. Springs up every year now. Last year I posed a skeleton inside the ivy but the whole thing crashed down before Halloween. This year's ivy is browning off now so he'll be coming down soon.