Saturday, September 24, 2016

13 Questions with Forbidden Dimension - Jackson Phibes!

We are certainly excited this year to have the mighty Forbidden Dimension coming back to headline the Horror Hootenanny on Oct 1.!
We wanted to pick their brains a little prior to the show so we split the three members of Forbidden Dimension into three different interview rooms and played a little ""Good Cop / Bad Cop" with them with 13 ridiculous questions apiece.
First up is the longtime FD main man, Jackson Phibes!

13 Questions with Forbidden Dimension
Jackson Phibes

Name rank and serial number:

 Tommy "Jackson Phibes" Bagley: axes, organs and yelling. I like Kellogg's Vector!

Is there a story behind your 'Forbidden Dimension' name and persona?
A bad pun, started out kinda like a pint-size Vincent Price-y thing, turned in a Martian ghoul, but now I'm just a wild old woofman.

How long have you been a part of the Forbidden Dimension?
 28 years.

Are you a full blooded Canadian? 

Thin-blooded Canadian, yes.

What bands/records make you get up and bounce around?

Seikima II, Inugami Circus-Dan, BÖC, KISS, Ghost, The Oath/Lucifer, Takeshi Terauchi, Acanthus, Blood Ceremony, Shonen Knife!

Last good band you heard for the first time?
Live? Messer Chups!

Last great film you saw for the first time? 

Belladonna of Sadness

What do you think of the state of pop culture today? Bands, movies other trends?

Lots to choose from. I miss video stores. Almost too easy to acquire any movie or music in the world that one may want, so I still like to get hard copies of movies or music.

Besides making great rock n roll, what activities or hobbies float your boat?
  Late-night prowling with the Bat Lord! Sewing!

Aside from playing the Horror Hoot what other plans do you have while in Nashville?
Hot chicken! Tennessee suckin' grass!

Do you have anything you'd like to say to the kids of Nashville who will be in the crowd on Oct 1?
Don't hate us just because we're ancient and evil. There are so many other reasons!

Nicknames you have for the other two members of FD?
 Li'l Fuzzy and Thingy.

When is the next FD slab hitting the streets and what can we expect?
Hopefully have it out for the Xmas season. 6th studio album, 8th over-all. 15 tunes in various gruesome and terrifying styles that all hopefully sound like F.D.!

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