Thursday, September 22, 2016


The Forbidden Dimension Interviews roll on!
Second up to bat is PT Bonham - who has been defiling the drums for Fobidden Dimension for many eons!

13 Questions with Forbidden Dimension's PT Bonham:

Name rank and serial number:

 P.T. Bonham, Stix `n' Trix, #OU812

Is there a story behind your 'Forbidden Dimension' name and persona?
"there's a slacker born every minute"

How long have you been a part of the Forbidden Dimension?
 Since 2006 ... BC.

Are you a full blooded Canadian? 
I am as Canadian as beaver pie/Je suis aussi canadien que la tarte aux castors.

What bands/records make you get up and bounce around?

The New Vatican Singers, Scott Brezhnev, Wallace Sugden, Creepin' Cruds, Mummula, Alucard

Last good band you heard for the first time?
The Briefs!

Last great film you saw for the first time? 

How To Make Love To The Modern Adding Machine (original not the reboot with Glen Ford)

What do you think of the state of pop culture today? Bands, movies other trends?

It sucks major donkey dink except for the parts I like. So no real change since 1853.

Besides making great rock n roll, what activities or hobbies float your boat?
 Snowmobile restoration, networking.

Aside from playing the Horror Hoot what other plans do you have while in Nashville?
Dr. Gangrene's Basement of Horrors, regional snacks

Do you have anything you'd like to say to the kids of Nashville who will be in the crowd on Oct 1?
Sorry! (traditional Canadian greeting)

Nicknames you have for the other two members of FD?
Wife. Other Wife.

When is the next FD slab hitting the streets and what can we expect?
Christmas. Will replace lump of coal in many stockings.

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