Thursday, September 14, 2017


13 Questions With Dr. Gangrene
Dr. Gangrene wants you to meet to people of The Horror Hootenanny so he has organized a set of questions.
Tune in daily!
Today's victim is!

Name and weapon of choice in the band:
Shea Hoff. Electric Bass unless you're being literal. In that case, it's a switchblade. We're a switchblade band.

Favorite movie monster?

Best horror movie you've seen recently?
I watched Cujo the other day.

Remakes: Yes or No?
No, but I do allow exceptions.

What bands inspired you to play music?
Superdrag, The Weezer that made the first two Weezer albums, The Beatles of course, a ton of stuff from the 60s.

What do you like to do when not playing music?
Of course everyone knows I'm a legendary partier, but they might not know I have two kids with another on the way, so there's that. I also follow MTSU athletics.

Munsters or Addams Family?
The Munsters! They get a lot of play in our house.

Favorite song to play live?
It's so hard to choose when you play in a band with a JCPenney sized catalog of hits, but I'd have to say Walls because the bass line moves a lot on that one.

Favorite moment on stage/tour?
Probably the time we were playing at The Boro, and it started pouring down rain. Without missing a beat, Ben sang the 1-800-4MR-ROOF commercial jingle. People still talk about that. I know I do.

Misfits, Ramones, or Cramps?

Pet peeves?
People who blow their grass clippings in the road.

Favorite Halloween memory?
Trick or treating as a kid on a crisp, fall, Halloween night. You can't beat that.

What would you like to have written on your tombstone when all is said and done?

In lieu of writing, I'd like a small flat screen on my tombstone that plays a Ken Burns style documentary of my life. You know, images that are zoomed out of while a narrator with a great voice tells the story. Occasionally there'd be interviews with people that knew me.

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