Friday, September 29, 2017


The Horror Hootenanny is Tomorrow (Saturday!).
And today Dr. Ganrene has 13 Questions for CALICO COOPER of BEASTO BLANCO!

1. Name and weapon of choice in the band:
Calico Cooper, weapon of choice: Calico Cooper

2. Favorite movie monster? 
 The queen alien in ALIENS. I can relate. She's a big part of my stage persona, I'd be lying if I said she wasn't my spirit animal and coincidently the screen saver on my phone. Which is the highest form of flattery in my book.

3. Best horror movie you've seen recently? 
 IT. It was like "stand by me" with a demon clown. Which is the only thing you could have to done to improve the perfection that is "stand by me".

 4. Remakes: Yes or No? 
 Yes - As long as there reimagined. They aren't often done well, but when they are it tickles me pink.

 5. What bands inspired you to play music? 
Theatrical bands. I get inspired when someone takes the time to put on a show. But there is a little emo kid hiding inside of me and when I hear amazing singer songwriter stuff I get really inspired. People like butch walker, Melissa Etheridge, John legend. I'm in. If I miss my exit on the freeway cuz I'm belting out "all of me" I'm not even mad about it.

 6. What do you like to do when not playing music? 
I'm an actor all the rest of the time. Keeping that particular career of choice going is pretty time consuming. So free time? Probably cooking shows.... ya, cooking shows.

 7. Munsters or Addams Family? 
Addams Family

 8. Favorite song to play live? 
Breakdown - we play that song at the end of our set and I give it everything I've got left.

 9. Favorite moment on stage/tour? 
 We broke down once in the Czech Republic in our way to the show. It took 4 hours for someone to come to our rescue in the snow storm so we walked to a gas station and got hammered on red wine at 11 am. Looking back that bad day wasn't all that bad.

 10. Misfits, Ramones, or Cramps? 

11. Pet peeves? 
Two things. Talking in movies and when people and people that abuse the word "LITERLLY". It LITERALLY drives me insane. LITERALLY.

12. Favorite Halloween memory? 
My dad chased me into a cactus dressed as Chuckie the murder doll. I have scars.

13. What would you like to have written on your tombstone when all is said and done? 
 I told you so.

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