Overweight in dogs

The overweight is a major health problem with serious implications for animal health. A dog with excessive weight can live a deterioration of their quality of life, suffer more diseases and reduce their life expectancy.

How to know when you have a few kilos?

The pets should be close to your ideal weight to be and feel good, like humans. To know if your dog is overweight or not, you can observe the ribs: the layer of fat on these has to be thin.

Even when the ribs are not visible to the naked eye, the most healthy thing is that touching them can be easily felt.

You can also observe it from the side: it should be seen that the line of the gut rises on the sides . If a straight line is observed, it implies that the dog has a few kilos left over.

On the other hand, when looking at it from above, the dog should have a shape similar to that of an hourglass : wide at the shoulders, thin at the waist and a little wider at the hips.

The most reliable if you have doubts is to go to the veterinarian as soon as possible for our dog to start a treatment or to advise us on how to exercise it.

Causes of overweight in dogs

The weight gain in dogs is due to an imbalance between intake and caloric intake, almost always due to excessive consumption of food coupled with a lack of daily exercise .

Eating and behavioral habits can contribute to obesity, such as feeding “on demand”, number of meals, leftovers from the table, “prizes” because the animal asks for them, additional food given by other family members, diet rich in fat or energy, cheap and poor quality dog ​​food. Other possible factors may be genetic reasons, sterilization, age or some disease.

How to treat it

If your dog is overweight, the treatment consists of adapting the diet, introducing changes in habits and medical therapy.

Currently, an obesity control program is based on a global medical evaluation of the dog that allows to diagnose the magnitude of its overweight or obesity, diagnosis and treatment of any disease, and an elaboration of a weight loss plan with control of the diet and exercise program.

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