The contract for the adoption of an animal

What is the contract for the adoption of an animal? Because it is important?What clauses does it have? How should it become valid? What happens if it is broken?

At the moment you make the adoption of an animal effective, you will be asked to sign an adoption contract before taking it to your new home.

Simply, it is a legal agreement between two people, to become the new caretaker of the animal. When having legal validity, in case the agreement is not fulfilled, it can be claimed. It is a way to protect the animal, since your new family must commit to take good care of it.

What is the contract for the adoption of an animal?

adopt meIt is a legal and binding document in which the agreements reached at the time of the adoption of the animal are expressed. Both in relation to the delivery of the dog and, adoption rates, health certificate of the animal or the date and place of delivery, as relative to the obligations and commitments that new family is willing to acquire.

This legal agreement can be between two individuals or between the animal protector and a private individual.

Why is the contract for the adoption of an animal important?

Although it is not mandatory, nor essential if it is highly recommended to sign the contract of adoption of an animal. It will assure the former owner or protector that the dog will be well cared for.

Thanks to the contract, the new owner can not mistreat him and must relinquish custody of the animal to its former owner or protector in case of not being able to continue attending it.

What clauses does it have?

Basically, the adoption contract of an animal commits the adopter to:

  • Take good care of the animal.
  • In no case mistreat the animal.
  • Do not use it as a breeding animal. If the animal is not sterilized, it is usually accompanied by a commitment to sterilization by the adopter.
  • The operations of mere aesthetics, such as cutting of ears or tail, are totally prohibited.
  • Accept that there be a follow-up of adoption, to check the health status of the animal.Therefore, the protector or the former owner must be informed of the change of address or telephone number.
  • Give the animal voluntarily to its former owner or protector in case of not being able to take care of it.

This model that we put at your disposal has been written by lawyers and collected as an example of Felcan , a Feline and Canine Protective Association.

How should the adoption contract for a valid animal be made?

  • The two parties must have a copy of the contract signed by both parties to be able to claim.
  • All pages of the contract must be signed by both parties to be valid.
  • You must indicate the ID of the adopter and all the data of the protector (CIF, Registered Office, Association registration number …)

What happens if it is broken?

In case of non-compliance with any of the clauses, the contract for the adoption of an animal will allow the previous owner or the protector to claim again the authority of the animal.

Remember that it will always be better to adopt and give a new opportunity and the affection of a family to that dog.

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