What your dog should not eat

There is a large number of foods in homes that can be dangerous to our dogs without us knowing. It is important to keep this in mind since dogs are scavengers by nature and therefore able to eat almost anything they have within reach.

It is very important to be aware of what those dangerous foods are, since dogs’ sense of smell is such that they may be able to find things that were well hidden.

Special care with …

There are some foods that can be harmful to your dog.

The chocolate is the most dangerous for dogs as it can be very toxic. If a lot is consumed, the consequences can be serious, with symptoms similar to poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea or tremors.

Special care must also be taken with the bones , since by gnawing them they can splinter and damage the intestine of the dog. If you want to give some bone is better to opt for commercial, which are manufactured with treated skin. In any case, if you decide to give natural bones, they should be large, cow or pork, but NEVER chicken .

If you take the dog to the field, you must be careful not to take mushrooms without realizing it. Some mushrooms can cause abdominal pain, anemia or both liver and kidney damage.

On the other hand, onions can also be toxic in dogs, can cause liver damage, anemia and diarrhea.

There are people who from time to time give the puppy food for babies , it is not recommended because they usually contain food that dogs can not tolerate, as in the case of onions.

The caffeine is especially harmful for some dogs and can cause increased heart rate, diarrhea or other problems that can reach up to let in a coma.

Other ingredients that should be avoided are dairy products , byproducts, chemical preservatives and artificial colors .

Attention also with some dog food

At the time of buying the  feed  we must be careful with the ingredients, especially with dyes and other chemicals. You have to be careful and avoid dog food that has a large amount of  sodium  that although it makes it more tasty, is not beneficial for our animal.

Another case is that of  BHA , an antioxidant preservative used to preserve its color. Although it is not well known in what quantity, it has been observed that it can cause cancer in laboratory rats. Therefore, we must be careful because we also talk about something that dogs eat every day.

If your dog has ingested something harmful to him, it is very important to take him to a veterinary center immediately.

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